P1C Learning Leaflet


This term Primary 1 will be exploring measurement. They will have the opportunity to measure objects around them in both standard and non-standard units. We will be developing the ability to measure accurately.

Primary 1 will be learning more about money this term and have the opportunity to develop their awareness of how money is used through varies role play activities. The children will be given the opportunity to identify coins, make totals and calculate change.

Towards the end of term we will be developing our understanding of how information is gathered and displayed. Primary 1 will take part in a range of activities to make tally charts, sets and bar graphs.


Primary 1 will continue to develop their sight vocabulary through their common words. They will also work on decoding trickier words through segmenting and blending. The children will work on asking and answering questions relating to their reading book to demonstrate their understanding of given texts.


Primary 1 have a very important task this term, we are trying to rebuild Fairyland. We have already begun by rewriting some favorite fairy tales. Primary 1 will focus on ensuring that our writing has great descriptive words and some children will begin to use a range of openers and connectives.

Health and Wellbeing

Miss Robertson will be doing P.E. with our class on Wednesday and Miss Walker on a Friday this term. See Miss Robertson’s learning leaflet for details.

Within class we will be looking at road safety and how to be safe when in our environment. We will discuss the use of traffic lights, zebra crossings and high-vis jackets when walking on our roads.


This term, we have a very special job to do for a Friendly Dragon who visited our class. The Dragon informed us that fairyland is being destroyed and forgotten about because not enough children are reading fairy tales. We have decided to explore a new fairy tale each week as part of our topic and recreate fairyland in our classroom area. We are very excited about working together with the boys and girls in P1 and P2 and we really hope we can save fairyland for all the characters and the Friendly Dragon.


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