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Primary 5M Learning Leaflet

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Term 4


This term, we will round off our work on fractions from Term 3. We will then go on to look at Information Handling, where they will be given opportunities to interpret and draw conclusions from various types of graphs, charts and tables.  They will conduct their own surveys and collate, organise and communicate their information in an appropriate way.  Opportunities will also be given to construct some tables and graphs using technology.

We will continue to complete daily mental challenges from our CLIC program, which includes ordering numbers with different decimal places, revising 6, 7 and 8 times tables, multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 and subtracting mentally any 2 digit number from a 3 digit number.

In addition to this, we will be completing weekly problem solving tasks, where the children may have to guess and check solutions, work backwards, act out problems etc.



The children will be listening to extracts from the Iron Man this term, linking in with our topic, “Robots.” They will be using their class novels to respond to different kinds of questions and be able to create some questions of their own.  Opportunities will be given to take notes under different headings and use them to understand information, explore ideas and create texts.

In conjunction with our topic, they will be producing information brochures and advertisements relating to robots made in class.  They will learn to write evaluations as part of the design process and also consider descriptive vocabulary for “robot” poetry – movement, repetition and sounds.

There will be a continued push on using our VCOP system, in order to up-level their written pieces.


Health and Wellbeing

Through Circle Time, the children will continue to explore friendships, respect and cooperation.

Primary 5M will be doing Athletics this term with Miss Robertson and myself.   Hopefully we will be able to enjoy good weather on occasions for this!  For four weeks this term, three Sports RGU students will be working with them playing tennis and touch rugby.



This term, the children have decided they would like to learn about robots.  This will encompass many areas of the curriculum, including Design and Technology, where they will have the chance to plan and make a robot using the Design Process.  They will use their knowledge of circuits and magnets when making some smaller robots.  The children will observe the history of robots and have a chance to use their imagination, designing robots of the future.  They will observe the artwork of Eric Joyner and Terry Collier and express their own opinions of these, and be given the chance to produce their own interpretations.


Other News 

For the next three weeks, P5M will need their gym kit on a Monday and Friday.  After that it will be on a Monday and Tuesday.


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