P4/5K Learning Leaflet – Term 4

P 4/5K Learning Leaflet – Information for Parents

Term 4


Writing (Book Writing Project) – This term p 4/5 will be transferring their skills with the aim to produce their very own books!  They will be working on an extended imaginative writing process, making collective use of their writing, illustrative and IT skills.

Reading – This term P4/5 will be focussing on reading with expression and will be transferring this skill when they read their written stories to others.  They will be continuing to develop their reading strategies through a range of individual, paired and group activities.

Spelling – P4 will continue to receive weekly common and phoneme words. P5 will be focussing on a new spelling rule each week.  All will continue to learn new words both at home and in class.


This term P4/5 will have Time as a particular focus.   Some children will be learning to use analogue/digital clocks to read and tell the time and some will be calculating the length of time between two times and reading timetables.  There will also be a specific focus on Information Handling both in Numeracy and ICT.

P4/5 will continue to revise and consolidate their mental and written number strategies to solve calculations relation to the four operations.

Health and Wellbeing

PE will continue to be on a Friday morning with Miss Robertson.  The children will also have the chance to receive input from RGU sports specialists and will be given the opportunity to eventually participate in a competition. Please see Miss Robertson’s Learning Leaflet for more information. As primary 4 pupils attend swimming lessons on Thursdays, primary 5 pupils with have PE with Miss Robertson.

There will be a focus on developing our awareness of personal hygiene and emotional health.


P4/5 will be taking on the tricky concept of gravity further whilst exploring other forces as part of our topic this term.  We will be learning about the contributions of famous scientists in relation to this field, with a particular focus on Sir Isaac Newton.  We will carry out experiments that exemplify each of Newton’s Laws and learn about the importance of fair testing.


P4/5 will be studying the lives and contributions of various significant individuals through our mini ‘Inspirational People’ topic.  We will look at how people’s inspirational actions are inspired by faith or justice and draw parallels with current issues.


  • PE kits are required every Thursday and Friday by primary 5 (and every Friday by primary 4).
  • Swimming will be on a Thursday for Primary 4 pupils.
  • Homework is given out on Monday and should be returned on a Friday.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you, Miss Kraish

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