A Roman invaded Glashieburn!

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Primary 4 had a visitor- a Celt who taught us about the Romans! We had a FANTASTIC time learning about how the Romans made bread, pots, pendants and their houses. We also learned about some Roman history and got to hold some real artefacts. The Celt set fire to some linen to show us how fire was made in the Roman days- we were very surprised and thought this was cool! Have a look at our photos to find out how we got on! Ms Baxter came in to join the fun too!

“I liked how we got to use a bow drill to make a hole in our pendants”. Elise

“I loved grinding the flour and making the pots and I got really dirty!” Aiden

“I loved the guy when he made the fire out of the linen”. Chloe

“I enjoyed weaving the willow to make fences”. Brooke

“I liked grinding the flour. You had to move the big, heavy stone”. Daniel D

“I liked making the pots as I liked getting very dirty”. Grant

“I enjoyed seeing the old weapons and artefacts”. Abby

“I enjoyed making the necklaces”. Matthew

“We liked the flour!” Sophie and Neve

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