Primary 5M Reflect on Term 3


Glashieburn School

Primary 5M Reflection Leaflet

Term 3


During Term 3, we will be working with money – how to manage it, comparing costs, budgeting, profit and loss etc.  We will also be following on from all our hard work in division sums, to include fractions – ordering, equivalences, finding fractions of numbers and linking fractions to percentages.

We will continue with our mental maths and our problem solving, as well as looking at Information Handling, including Data Analysis and Ideas of Chance and Uncertainty

“During our time in term three, maths was hard for some time until we got to understand it more by the teacher giving us more examples and explaining further so that we could understand. We had a lot of fun trying to simplify fractions and equalize them!”  By Ryan and Keisha



We will continue with our regular grammar, spelling and handwriting lessons this term.  In particular, we will be observing contractions and apostrophe ownership, paragraphing, direct speech, connectives, and similes.We will be concentrating on personal writing and diary entries linked to our IDL and factual topic reports linked to Current Affairs.

“During Term 3, literacy was fun but hard. We are getting good at our VCOP and have neat handwriting. We had a lot of fun writing dictation stories where the class makes the story lineup!” by Rose and Sophie

Health and Wellbeing

In the gym this term, we will be continuing in part, our unihoc games from last term.  We will also be observing our fitness levels, and developing skills and techniques to improve these.  This will also be linked to foods we eat, and observing our balance of sleep, rest and physical activity.

As well as physical wellbeing, we will also touch on mental and emotional wellbeing, where we will observe friendships and how we should be building positive relationships.

“In class on Monday and Wednesday and Friday we do something called snack attack. It is about healthy eating in class so we stay healthy. We all go to gym on Monday and Tuesday we do football, basketball, tennis, and much, much more. Outside we all do football, softball and foursquare and dodgeball, so we are all happy.” By Harrison and Josh


The class as a whole really liked the idea of looking at various lifestyles through the ages, and so they wanted to make a giant timeline around the classroom.  We will use this opportunity to gain a sense of chronology, as well as observing the life of a child through the ages (in particular Victorian Times- present day) and we will compare this to present day childhood.

“We did an assembly on children through the ages. We all had a lot of fun learning about our project. We learned about all types of jobs that children were forced to do. We loved our project.”  Abigail and Brodie

“In our assembly we did different decades. the 1800s,1940s,1950s,1960s,1970s,1980s1990s and the present day.  It was so much fun everybody loved it.” By Ellen and Adanna




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