Reflective Comments from P4/5K

Term 3 January – March 2016


This term we will continue to develop different mental strategies and regularly revisit our prior learning of multiplication and division.  We will also build on our knowledge of division by exploring fractions. All will be learning to find fractions of an amount and some will be identifying equivalent fractions and working with mixed numbers.

“I really liked learning about fractions” (William)

“I can now find a fraction of an amount” (Satvika)

“I feel more confident about fractions” (Lia)

“I now know how to change mixed numbers into improper fractions and vice versa” (Tony, Jamie and Imogen)

“I know the difference between an improper fraction and a proper fraction” (Lauren, Simon and Alexa)


We will continue our fortnightly cycle to learn our common and phoneme words. Some weeks will focus on spelling rules and for others weeks there will be a spelling strategy focus.

“I now know how to spell more words which helps me with my writing” (Simon and Jamie)

In reading this term we will continue to complete a range of reading comprehension tasks to enhance our understanding of the text.  There will be a particular focus on identifying the main events of the story and on character analysis.

“I enjoy finding the main idea of a chapter” (Satvika)

“I like summarising a story” (Charlotte)

In writing we will be creating different types of poems and celebrating the works of Robert Burns.  We will also be writing news reports and imaginative stories in relation to our new space topic.

“I feel more confident about story writing” (Lia and Alfie)

“I liked making up a planet for my news report” (Satvika and Simon)


The children have shown a keen interest to study the Solar System.  There will be a focus on the significance of the sun, different planets and exploring materials.  We will also be learning about the interesting stories surrounding constellations and how they have practically helped people throughout history.  To address some of the children’s questions, we will also be learning about the impact that satellites have on our daily lives.

“I have learned a lot about the planets and I think that Space is so interesting” (Dua and Olaf)

“I think that it is cool that Jupiter has a red spot on it which is actually a 300 year old storm!” (Alex and Charlotte)

“I now know that Saturn’s rings are made of ice and rocks” (Adrian)

“I liked learning about the Sun and about all of the other planets. I know the order of planets from the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. (Alex, Chloe and Ewan)

“I never knew that the Sun was 5,527 degrees Celsius!” (Alfie and William)

“I did not know that there used to be water on Mars.  It’s exciting and interesting because it means that there might have been life on it!” (Simon)

“I did not know that dwarf planets existed” (Jamie)

“I liked learning about Earth being in the Goldilocks Zone, which means it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold….it’s just right!” (Chloe)

“I did not know that there are stars much bigger than the Sun!” (Owen S)

“I did not know that the black hole was hotter than the Sun” (Owen M and Neve)

“I know that the Black Hole is over 31,000 degrees!” (Imogen)

“I did not realise that the Black Hole is approaching planet Earth” (Olaf)

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