Primary 4 Term 3 Reflection Leaflet

Primary 4 Term 3 Reflection Leaflet

Written by Miss Cunningham and Primary 4


We have made great progress learning our times tables and division. We have practised our dividing using a step sum- we use our times tables to help us! We enjoy playing ‘Around the World’ which is a multiplication game- we are very competitive at this!! We like playing maths games on Education City and playing maths Bingo in class! We can even do multiplying by using a chimney sum.

We now know how to tell the time! We can use analogue and digital clocks and we played lots of time themed dominoes and bingo to consolidate our learning! We also had lots of practise learning past and to the hour times- the ‘to’ ones were the trickiest! We enjoyed using the new, shiny textbook challenges to help us secure our learning!

In measurement, we have been learning about length, weight and capacity. In length we learned about different units of measurement including millimetres, centimetres, metres and kilometres. In weight we used scales to weigh weights of items in grams and kilograms. In capacity we used millilitres and litres to measure liquids. We also learned how to read different types of scales. We have been very, very busy!


We have really enjoyed reading lots of books about our topic Space! In our reading groups we have been focussing on books by Roald Dahl, Francesca Simon and some groups have enjoyed reading the new Project X Code books. We think we have got much better fluency and expression in our reading now! Read with us at home to see our improvement!

When we were writing instructions we learned how to write them the correct way. We needed to have a title, bullet pointed ingredients and materials, numbered instructions and a finishing sentence. We made lots of yummy recipes including shortbread and pancakes to help write the instructions- this made writing very fun!

In poetry we learned how to write kennings poems, Haiku poems and acrostic poems. We wrote some great kennings poems about our family and the playground- they will certainly make you laugh! We wrote Haiku poems about the Seasons and Easter. These were quite tricky because there was a very specific syllable pattern (the 5-7-5 pattern). Some people even got to read their Easter poems at the Church Service. We enjoy assessing our peers work by giving them two stars and a wish after every writing session.

In Listening and Talking we have been thinking about when we feel different positive and negative emotions including feeling embarrassed, happy, sad, worried, confused, surprised and unsafe. At the end we made emotion wheels. We enjoyed talking about local, national and international news by watching Newsround and then talking about the different news. We also had some interesting debates about technology and wearing school uniform.


We have loved learning about Space. We were excited when we got to visit Satrosphere and go in a planetarium. We enjoyed making a Space timeline and liked finding out about different animals that have visited Space! We were very artistic and made model rockets from recycled items. We enjoyed using technology to look up a planet in more detail in pairs. We made constellation viewers and pictures of constellations on paper and learned about the different Star Signs. We were very artistic and made chalk pictures of the first moon walk by Neil Armstrong and we also made planet pictures by using the technique pointillism. We have had a blast learning about Space this term!

Other interesting things that have happened in Primary 4 this term:

  • We had an Astronomer in to talk to us about our Solar System.
  • We enjoyed the egg drop challenge and liked having the parents in to help and watch us.
  • We had a computer scientist in who showed us how to programme codes to make computer games.
  • Mr Love came into our class and showed us how to programme and make lego movie animations.

Primary 4 and Miss Cunningham

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