Primary 1 Reflection Leaflet


We have learnt lots of new sounds this term and have begun to learn about double sounds. We have been great at identifying the sounds that we recognise in our reading books and lots of us are becoming confident at identify common words quickly and accurately. We have discussed the features of lots of our books and have made predictions about our guided books, discussing what we think might happen



Primary 1 have worked incredibly hard on their writing this term and I have been very impressed to see lots of the children become much more independent. We are focusing on adding describing words and reading back our work to make sure it makes sense. Some of the children still need some reminders to add full stops and capital letters.



This term we revisited addition and subtraction. We are now a lot more confident at using a number line to count back and on. We extended our learning to numbers within 20 and some children came up with very tricky number sentences using 2 digits! Primary 1 learned about fractions this term and are confident with identifying halves and quarters. The children also developed their awareness of time and had the opportunity to engage with lots of activities to help them tell the time to half past and o’clock.


Health and Wellbeing

Primary 1 have taken part in lots of gym activities including circuits. We have discussed how to be a good friend to each other and are trying to be kind to everyone. The children have also been learning about personal hygiene and have taken part in activities to help them learn about keeping their hands clean, not spreading germs and brushing their teeth.



Primary 1 loved their topic on Space and learned lots about the different planets. They were able to name the planets and put them in order with some support. They also had a trip to Satrosphere to learn more about Earth. The children learned about the earth’s rotation around the Sun and the Moons rotation around the Earth. We also took part in Chinese New Year activities and made some lovey lanterns.

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