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Primary 3 Learning Leaflet

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Term 3


Primary 3 have been very successful in their numeracy and maths this term and have worked extremely hard to consolidate and learn new concepts. The children have shown increased confidence in using money within real life contexts. P3 have learned how to add money up to £5 and beyond and are confident in selecting appropriate change from £5. The children are also able to use decimal points to convert money from pence to pounds.  The class have also have shown success with the concept of estimating and rounding and have been learning to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. We have also been continuing to work on our multiplication tables and are making excellent progress in this area.


This term Primary 3 have shown a great enthusiasm for imaginative writing and lots of our literacy activities have focused on the stimulus of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We have learned how to create an imaginary character and have created our own imaginary factory rooms. The children have been continuing to develop their self and peer assessment skills and are using VCOP with an increased independence to enhance their writing.

This term Primary 3 have been developing skills in prediction through their weekly reading books and the class novel study. They have also used skills in summarising to identify the main events of a text. The class have deepened their understanding of character and plot analysis.

Health and Wellbeing

Primary 3 have been developing their tennis skills this term and everyone has worked extremely hard in this area. We have been focusing on hand eye coordination and racket control.



Primary 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their novel study this term and have been inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As part of their topic everyone created a shoe box room for Willy Wonka’s factory. Everyone made a fantastic effort and should be very proud of their creations.






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  1. Thank you Miss Mitchell for the above info. Emily thoroughly enjoyed this topic and it has encouraged her to read other Roald Dahl books.

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