Level 1 First Aiders

Angie from the Grampian Council Services has taught us vital life skills today.  At the end of the session she declared that we all successfully passed level 1 of the first aid course! Here are our thoughts on the training:


“It was really fun because we got to try out the recovery position” (Chloe)

“I liked learning about how to help someone that is choking” (Lia)

“I enjoyed learning about the abdominal thrusts” (Tony)

“I liked learning new first aid skills” (Imogen)

“I liked today because these are important life skills” (Ben, Alexa and Olivia)

“I feel like I can help someone that is having an asthma attack” (Adrian)

“I never knew the difference between a blue and a brown inhaler but now I do” (Jaejay, Neve, Lauren and Charlotte)

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