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Term 3 


This term P7M will be consolidating and extending their skills in calculating percentages.  They will later be applying their skills in the real life context of money, by calculating discounts and interest.   Within the money topic, the children will also be learning about the differences between credit and debit cards, how to manage a budget, calculate basic profit and loss and currency exchange.

In practical challenges, P7M will be developing skills in scale drawing.  They will also be learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes; this will involve measuring their angles and calculating their area and perimeter.

P7M will continue to develop their skills in problem solving, confidently applying the strategies they know can help them.


Reading – While exploring the work of different authors, P7M will be learning to answer literal, inferential and evaluative questions.  They will also be learning to construct interesting questions of their own using ‘Blooms Taxonomy’.

Writing – Throughout the term P7 will be learning how to write a range of persuasive, explanatory and personal texts.  They will be continuing to up-level their writing using ‘ambitious vocabulary’, ‘cool connectives’, ‘outstanding openers’ and ‘powerful punctuation’.

Spelling – Spelling will continue to be reinforced on a weekly basis.  New word lists will be issued each Monday and revised in class and at home.

Health and Wellbeing

P7M will continue to have PE with Miss Robertson this term. These will take place on a Wednesday morning and a Friday afternoon.  Miss Robertson will also be taking the class for health. Please see Miss Robertson’s Learning Leaflet for more information.

P7’s transition to Secondary has already begun with our maths workshops. We will also be beginning to think change, building resilience and making and maintaining positive relationships.


Inspired by British astronaut Tim Peake and the Principia Mission, P7 have chosen SPACE as their topic this term.  They are keen to find out about the solar system, the mission, the ISS, Tim Peake himself and much, much more!  With some budding scientists in the class, we are sure to have a great time!

Other News

Languages – P7 will be continuing with their languages this term. French will continue on Monday afternoons with Mrs Grant, Mandarin with Miss Yen will continue on Wednesday afternoons and Calligraphy with Lo will be on a Tuesday.

Miss Michel – Miss Michel, MA4 Student from the University of Aberdeen, is back with us this term.  This will be her final teaching placement at Glashieburn this year.


Just a few reminders to finish off;

  • Library books are changed on a Monday.
  • PE kits are required on Wednesday and Friday.
  • Homework is given out on Monday and should be returned on a Friday.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you, Miss Milne

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