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Primary 6C Learning Leaflet

Information for Parents

Term 3


This term P6C will be looking at angles, area and volume.

The Golden Cubes are working on fractions, decimals and percentages.  We will be focusing on converting and calculating percentages in real life contexts.

The Shooting Spheres are working on fractions and decimals.  We will be looking at calculations using fractions and how to convert fractions to a decimal.

The Diamonds are working on how to identify a fraction and how a fraction is made.  We will use lots of visual aids to help with understanding and creating fractions.


In writing we are learning to ‘up level’ their pieces of writing by setting personal writing targets.  Writing will take place over 3 weeks focusing on planning, writing and editing.  This will allow us to chunk each part of the writing process to develop our writing skills. We will look at story. report and script writing.


Blue Mangoes will be learning how to answer inferential questions about their novel.  We will focus on the writer’s style and structure of writing and look at why he/she has written in this way.  We will also look at questioning techniques.

Limes will be learning about literally and inferential questions focusing on character and setting. We will also look at questioning techniques.

Lemons will be learning about literal questions and focusing on vocabulary used in their novel.  We will also have a home reader each week to help develop our fluency skills when reading.

Listening and Talking:  This term we will have the chance to work in groups and pairs using different listening and talking skills throughout different lessons.  Also we will prepare a small presentation about an element of our topic.  This will be an individual presentation.

Health and Wellbeing

P.E and aspects of Health will be taught by Miss Robertson.  We have been looking at social and emotional issues that can develop within our peer group.  Also in P.E we have been working on ball skills through different contexts.


Our Topic this term is Hollywood.  We will be looking at the history of the film industry throughout the decades focusing on different ‘Era’s’ of film.  We will be researching about different equipment and techniques used when filming with the chance to use the IPads to create our own films. We will also look at music and drama aspects of ‘Silent films’ and how they portrayed the story across to the audience.  We are very excited about our topic and can’t wait to become film makers!

Other News 

Please remember P.E kits on Tuesday and Thursday.  These will be taken home every Friday for washing.

Library will on Wednesday morning.

Homework will be given out on Monday and it is to be handed in on Friday.  Could homework be signed after completion.  If you have a home reader this will be handed out on Monday and returned the following Monday with a signature on the reading card.

We now have Calligraphy and Mandarin on Tuesday and Wednesday.


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