P2 Learning Leaflet Term 3

This term we will be focusing on adding and subtracting, horizontally and vertically, within 100. We will continue to improve our mental recall of number facts at speed. This will provide us with knowledge we can transfer between the areas of Maths.
This term the children will consolidate selecting key information and identifying the main events of their reading books. They will complete a variety of reading task that are linked to their individual reading books to extend and develop their reading fluency.
This term we will be continuing with letter writing, with the children learning how to lay out a letter correctly. They will also be focusing on using VCOP to develop their writing skills and add detail which will make it more interesting for the reader.
We will start the term by looking at consonant blends used at the end of words. We will also be consolidating the list of common words throughout the term.
Health and Wellbeing
The children will be developing their jumping skills. They will learn how to do different types of jumps – high, long, bunny hops, star jumps, jumping from standing, jumping off benches, etc. The focus will be on preparing, jumping, and then landing safely.
Please see Miss Robertson’s learning leaflet for details of her PE sessions.
This term the class have chosen Plant Life as their topic.
Through this topic the class will be learning about different types of plants, be able to label the parts, discuss the life cycle of plants and learn how plants can help wildlife and humans. They will take part in science experiments, create art work, do some written work that relates to plants, do some maths work that relates to plants, learn where certain plants are found around the world in social studies, and learn how plants can contribute to our health and wellbeing.
If your child has anything of interest that relates to the Plant Life topic, that they would like to show the class, I would be happy for them to bring it in.

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