P1/2 Reflection Leaflet Term 3

Term 3

January – April 2015


During this term, both P1 and P2 will be on developing their skills and knowledge in relation to time and fractions. P1 will cover o’clock times and P2’s will cover half past and o’clock times. We will also look at the calendar and identify key events for myself and my class throughout the year.  We will also revisit addition and subtraction to consolidate and further develop the skills we have learned in term 2. Later in the term, we will explore fractions, looking at how items can be divided equally and splitting items into smaller parts.



P2 will be focusing on visualisation. Pupils will be learning how to create mental images of the characters, settings and events in the text. P1 and P2 will continue to develop their decoding and prediction skills to identify unknown words.


P1 will continue to focus on personal writing during this term. We will begin to learn about the use of adjectives and describing words, with a continued focus on capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. We will also begin to learn how to use connectives in our sentences.

P2 will be focusing on recount writing. In term 2, we looked at letter writing, and we will now start to learn about report writing and diary entries. Later in the term we will look at imaginative writing, with a focus on descriptive vocabulary.


Spelling will be reinforced on a weekly basis.  New common words will be sent home in homework folders. P1 children will continue to work with initial sounds by learning two new sounds each week, and will have opportunities to blend these together to make words. P2 children will complete activities based on consonant blends.

Health and Wellbeing

Miss Robertson will be doing P.E. with our class on Monday and Friday this term. See Miss Robertson’s learning leaflet for details of this term.

Within class we will also be looking at safety and hygiene practices. We will explore why cleanliness, safety and hygiene can affect our health and wellbeing. We will identify how we can apply this to our everyday routines


During this term, we will be working on Space as our topic. The boys and girls in P1/2 are very interested in finding out about the planets that are part of our solar system and how they are all different from the planet Earth. We will be exploring what is in space, the phases of the moon and ways in which we can travel to space.

Alongside our topic, we will be exploring the Chinese New Year which takes place on February 8th this year. We will be looking at the story of the Chinese New Year and finding out about traditions that take place in China during this time. We will be comparing how the Chinese New Year is similar to the way we celebrate Christmas. We will then present what we have been learning at our class assembly in February.

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