P1C Learning Leaflet

Term 3 January 2016


This term the children will be learning to tell the time. All of the boys and girls will have an opportunity to make their own clocks, learn about the features of a clock and then learn to tell the time to o’clock. We will also be discussing daily routines, days of the week and the months of the year.

We will also be learning more about number this term. We will be counting to 100 and beginning to count in 10’s and 2’s. The children will be developing their understanding of place value by partitioning two digit numbers.

Primary 1 will now be taking a ‘Beat That’ mental maths challenge on a Friday which is based on their ‘Learn Its’. They have been working really hard at home and in class to learn these so I’m sure they will enjoy this challenge.


This term in literacy the children will begin to look at different forms of writing such as creating their own lists and making mind maps to describe a thin or person. They will continue to practise their personal writing focusing on correct sentence structure. The children will be challenged to write independently without the yellow pen by thinking of their own sentence, saying it aloud and then sounding it out. Primary 1 will begin to look at connectives and how to up-level their writing.

Primary 1 are almost finished learning their single sounds and will begin to learn about double letter sounds. They will continue to be encouraged to segment and blend any unfamiliar words to help them with their reading.

Health and Wellbeing

Primary 1 will continue to have PE on a Wednesday and a Friday this term. We will also continue to look at what makes a good friend and discuss what makes people feel different emotions.


Our topic this term is space. The children have come up with great ‘Big Questions’ such as: why is there day and night? Why don’t we float away? Are aliens real? Can you stand on the rings of Saturn?

We will be learning about all of these things and looking at each of the planets. We will also focus on two stories to enhance our imaginative and creative learning. These stories are: Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy and How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers.

Miss Conroy

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