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Nursery Learning Leaflet

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Term 3


This term we will be exploring a variety of mathematical concepts, including 2D and 3D shape and copying and creating patterns.  The children will have opportunities to explore these concepts indoors and outdoors using a variety of resources and will be encouraged to share their ideas and learning with their nursery friends.  In addition to this we will be developing our ability to form written numerals to 10 and in our Little Big Maths activities will be focusing on ‘Finger Doubles’ and ‘Finger Halves’.  Already this term the children have asked to count to 100 so we have been practising this and counting in tens!


We are going to be looking at the sounds and patterns of language.  The children will develop their ability to recognise their own name and will be encouraged to practise writing their name independently.  Some children are beginning to recognise some simple everyday words and are keen to learn to write letter sounds.  There will be opportunities for the children to practise writing the letters of the alphabet and some simple words.

We are also going to be exploring rhymes and poems, looking specifically at nursery rhymes and Scottish rhymes and poems.

To develop listening and talking skills, the children will be asked to participate in Show and Tell activities. There will be a sign-up sheet in the nursery so that parents and children can choose which week they would like to bring something in to talk about and share with their nursery friends.  It could be a toy, a photograph or a story about something exciting they have been doing at home.


There will be lots of other things happening in nursery this term.  We will be exploring Burns Day, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Fairtrade Fortnight, Pancake Day and Easter.  The children will have opportunities to learn about each of these festivals and celebrations and will learn about why they are important to some people.

There will be several Stay and Play sessions this term so keep an eye out for the dates.  Sign -up sheets will be available in the nursery.

We will also be starting our Wee Green Spaces project in February so look out for further information about this.

Please remember that the children’s Learning Journeys are available to view at all times and are updated regularly.  They are a record of the children’s learning and are full of photos and pieces of work.  Please feel free to take them home to share with friends and family members and we always welcome items from home that the children would like included in their folders.  There are Learning at Home sheets available on the nursery notice board if you would like to use these.






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