P2 Reflection Leaflet


Pupils – The children feel they are making good progress with addition but would like to do some more subtraction before they feel confident with it. They feel confident with money and feel that they would be able to buy an item at a real shop.

Teacher -The children have shown evidence of improving their mental recall of number facts at speed. They are beginning to use mental strategies to make calculations. For example, applying their knowledge of doubles to calculate near doubles.

Next steps

  • To continue to practise their mental recall of number facts at speed.
  • To do some more subtraction to enable the children to feel more confident in this area.
  • To continue to make links between calculations and develop strategies.




Pupils – The children felt they had made some progress in reading but this was still an area many found tricky. They found selecting key information and the main events particularly difficult and require some consolidation.

Teacher – The children have been discussing their ‘predictions’ with me which shows they have an understanding of this concept.

Next steps

  • To do more tasks which require the children to identify the key information and main events of the book.


Pupils – The children have really enjoyed instructional writing which has increased their confidence in writing lessons. They would like to try some more letter writing.

Teacher – The children have a good grasp of instructional language and how to lay their work out in clear, logical steps. They are motivated to write because of the stimuli used each week, and because they are confident in their own ability in this genre of writing. The children have already started to include a variety of openers in their sentences.

Next steps

  • To revisit letter writing.
  • To learn more about using VCOP. To develop their use of openers and try to use connectives to add interest to their writing.


Pupils – The pupils felt they were making good progress with spelling and are putting in the practise.

Teacher – The children appear to have a good understanding of their consonant blends which is an excellent base to build on.

Next steps

  • To build on their understanding of consonant blends by looking at how they are used at the end of words.




Pupils – They enjoyed doing stations, playing games and learning to dribble a ball.

Teacher – The children are motivated to try new skills within P.E and put in effort.

Next steps

  • To continue to develop the skills they have already learnt, and add to these by introducing new areas of PE in the new term.


Pupils – They particularly enjoyed working on their Katie Morag Assembly. They were confident speaking in front of an audience.They enjoyed the drama element, singing songs and learning about island life by watching the Katie Morag programmes on the whiteboard.

Next steps

  • Through class discussion about what they wanted to learn, the children have now decided on their new topic for term 3. We will be building on prior knowledge and transferring skills between curricular areas, as well as developing new skills.

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