Primary 3 Reflection Leaflet

Primary 3 Reflection Leaflet: Term 2


Primary 3 have been successful in their learning of place value this term. The children have worked very hard on learning their numbers beyond 100 and into the 1000’s. The children have shown through different activities that they are able to transfer their learning into a variety of contexts by using their knowledge of hundreds, tens and units. Primary 3 are confident in sequencing and partitioning numbers.

The class have also shown increased confidence in their knowledge of adding vertically and horizontally through using chimney sums and a range of other strategies. The children have shown enjoyment in using a variety of different active games to consolidate their learning in this area.


Writing – Primary 3 have been learning about leaflets, the children have shown an understanding of the features of a leaflet and the purpose of a leaflet. The class made some fantastic leaflets about Bridge of Don!

Reading – Primary 3 have been developing their knowledge of evaluating a text. The children have created book reviews and investigated the different types of information that a book review might include. The class will continue with this learning next term.

Talking and Listening: Primary 3 have been extremely busy developing their confidence in talking and listening this term. The children completed a fantastic assembly on the Human Body, prepared and presented a short presentation on their IDL learning at the whole school Scottish focus assembly and also took part in the Christmas show.

Health and Wellbeing

Primary 3 have been successful in developing skills within their focus on Possession games this term in PE. The children have been learning the importance of team work and good sportsmanship.


Primary 3 enjoyed learning about Scottish Wildlife this term and presenting some of their learning at a whole school assembly. The children also did extremely well with their own personal research on a chosen Scottish animal.


Well done boys and girls of Primary 3, what a super term!

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