Primary 1/2 Reflection Leaflet

Term 2

October – December 2015


The main focus this term for both P1 and P2 will be on further developing our skills and knowledge in relation to addition and subtraction.  Later in the term we will be developing our knowledge of 2D shapes and investigating 3D shapes in our environment.

Primary 1 has been learning about addition and subtraction within 10. We have been learning to write number sentences using the correct symbols and we have been learning how to use number lines to find the correct answer.

Primary 2 have been further developing their knowledge of addition and subtraction within 100. We have been using our hundred squares to find the correct answer and we have been learning mental strategies to solve equations.



P2 will be focusing on summarising within reading this term. They will be learning how to scan the book for key words and ideas and put this information into their own words. P1 and P2 will continue to develop their decoding and prediction skills to identify unknown words.

Primary 1s have been busy learning new sounds, identifying the sounds they know in their reading books and using the sounds they know to make words.

Primary 2s have been working hard on retelling the story they have been reading. They have written summaries of the text, created story boards and created mind maps to retell the story.


P1 will be focusing on personal writing during this term. We will continue to work on correct formation of letters, and the use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces within our sentences. We will be focusing on writing our own initial sentences during taught writing lessons.

P2 will be focusing on instructional writing. We have already investigated what instructions are used for and we will now be learning about writing instructions in a clear and direct manner. Towards the end of term we will be looking at letter writing, with a focus on VCOP development.

Primary 1 has been using their knowledge of the sounds they have been learning to sound out and write down words independently within their writing tasks. We have been focusing on the use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Primary 2 have been learning about instructional writing. We have look at using instructions to make a sandwich, tie shoe laces and follow a recipe. We now have a clearer understanding of how to organise our instructions in the correct order and how to use direct language within our writing.


Spelling will be reinforced on a weekly basis.  New common words will be sent home in homework folders. P1 children will continue to work with initial sounds by learning two new sounds each week, and will have opportunities to blend these together to make words. P2 children will complete activities based on consonant blends.

Primary 1 and Primary 2 have been learning new common words each week as part of their homework. We have been practising spelling our words correctly during dictation on a Friday.


Health and Wellbeing

Miss Robertson will be doing P.E. with our class on Monday and Friday this term. See Miss Robertson’s learning leaflet for details of this term.

Within class we will also be looking at relationships during this term. We will be discussing what it means to be a good friend. We will be looking at the positive things about friendship and also who the children can turn to if something upsets or worries them.

Primary 1/2 has been learning about what it means to be a good friend. The children have been learning to take turns, share the learning resources and using positive language towards others.


During this term, we will be working on a Scottish project. P1/2 has chosen to focus on Katie Morag as part of this project.

We will be looking at the differences between island life and life on the mainland, we will be learning about maps and how to read a map and we will also be exploring Scottish tartan and why it is part of our culture. P1/2 is really excited to be learning about the country they live in.

Primary 1/2 thoroughly enjoyed learning about Katie Morag and her life on the Isle of Struay. Our main focus during this topic was map reading. Within groups, we made maps of the Isle of Struay. We also looked at tartan patterns and designed our own tartan patterns. The children really enjoyed making flapjacks, using Scottish ingredients.

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