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P7GM Reflection Leaflet

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Term 2


This term we will be revising, consolidating and extending our knowledge and skills in division, fractions and decimals.

We will also be carrying out practical tasks and investigations involving timed events.  Through this we will be learning to use and interpret timetables, make time conversions and estimate the time taken to complete journeys.

We will continue to develop our understanding and skills in problem solving, learning more about the strategies and approaches we can use to help us.

We have reached our goals in numeracy. Our skills in our math subjects have developed well. Our class has also really enjoyed our lessons in numeracy this term. 



Each reading group will be studying several novels and factual texts this term.  Through group discussion, paired reading and independent tasks,

we will be further developing our reading strategies.  Reading homework tasks will be assigned fortnightly and completed using a personal reader.

We have definitely completely enjoyed reading these books. We are also looking forward to next terms group novels. Our homework and strategies have gone well this term too!


This term we will be continuing to up-level our writing using VCOP.  Our writing will be linked to our IDL topic ‘Scotland Rocks!’ Through this we will create factual reports, information brochures, imaginative news stories and some Scots poetry.

We have enjoyed our Scotland rocks project.  We made our information brochures, wrote imaginative news stories and did a little poetry.  We would have quite liked to have done more Scots poetry.


Spelling will continue to be reinforced on a weekly basis.  New word lists will be issued each Monday and revised in class and at home.

We have worked hard on our spelling all term long. Our words have been challenging but helpful.

Health and Wellbeing


P7GM will continue to have both PE sessions with Miss Robertson this term. These will take place on a Wednesday morning and a Friday afternoon.  Please see Miss Robertson’s Learning Leaflet for more information.

 As our IDL topic will require a lot of teamwork, we will be thinking about what makes an effective team and learning to appreciate the individual qualities each team member can share.

In PE we have been having fun, learning to dance in different ways.  We have continued to learn about teamwork.


Scotland Rocks!

Our challenge has been set!  This term we are no longer P7 Glashieburn pupils but members of up and coming Scottish Bands.  We must visit 9 destinations, perform at a range of Scottish landmarks, plan and timetable our journeys, create costumes AND produce merchandise.   As you can see, we will be kept very busy!

We have enjoyed our topic about Scotland.  We have done wall displays showing the places we were going (For Example: Isle of Mull, Banff, Peebles, Fort William, Etc.) We also created timetables, an presented an assembly.

Other News 


French will continue on Monday afternoons with Mrs Grant.

Mandarin with Miss Yen will continue on Wednesday afternoons and we will also have Calligraphy with Low on a Tuesday.

Our French vocabulary is building; everyone is enjoying it as it is very fun. Mandarin and calligraphy has also been good, we are always excited for the next lesson.  

Miss Michel

Miss Michel, MA4 Student from the University of Aberdeen, will be working with us for 4 weeks this term and will be returning for another 4 in January.

We are looking forward to seeing Miss Michel again in January.

Reflections completed by Aiden and Rhys (P7GM).

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