For Scottish Book Week the children in the upper stages wrote about a book that have influenced them.

Primary 4/5K

The Witches

It’s a really good story that inspired me to write imaginative stories.  The witches in this book were cooler than ordinary witches because they were more realistic! This made the book scary in an exciting way. It was also very funny.

Oliver, Neve and Olaf.

Wayside School (our current book)

It’s an extremely funny book with weird characters.   It’s about children that do all the things they should not do in class but they never get into trouble, whereas the well behaved children always get sent home on the nursery bus! We like that it is odd and visual.

P 4/5K

The Gruffalo

It is fun for all ages to read because most people like animals and it is full of talking animals. We also are inspired to use rhyme because of it.

Jaejay, Jamie and Tony.


Primary 6C

Author: Roald Dahl

Thank you for: writing lots of interesting stories. I love to learn about all his characters.  He made me like reading.

Name: Declan Sangster

Class: P6C


Book Title: Sleepover Club

Thank you for: creating lots of great stories.  I didn’t like reading until I started reading these books.

Name: Hannah Bryce

Class: P6C


Author: David Walliams

Thank you for: inspiring me to think of ideas for the waffle book.  I love your stories.

Name: Emily Ferguson

Class: P6C


Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Thank you for: being such an inspiration.  She makes me imagination grow.

Name: Folami Olawuyi

Class: P6C

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