Nursery Learning Leaflet Term 2

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Nursery Learning Leaflet

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Term 2

Our context for learning in the nursery this term is going to be ‘Being Outside’.  The children had lots of suggestions about they’d like to find out about and most of them were about being outdoors!   We hope to go for lots of walks within and outside of the school grounds, exploring our local environment and looking at buildings, trees, plants and local services.  We also hope to have at least one visit this term to our ‘Wee Green Space’ which we will be using more regularly.

In our Little Big Maths sessions, we will continue developing our counting and ordering skills.  We will also continue to practice number formation to 10 using the Interactive Whiteboard, sand, paint and other art materials.  The children are currently exploring the concept of measure and are enjoying using everyday objects to compare sizes.  This will take place both inside and outside and will include comparing length, volume and weight.

As a Literacy focus this term, we will be looking at Fairy Tales.  The children will choose the Fairy Tale each week and we will be exploring different characters, thinking of exciting words to describe them and retelling the story using pictures and puppets.

The morning nursery will also be visited by Sue, a member of the school chaplaincy team, over a period of four weeks, as part of our RME programme.  We will be learning about Noah’s Ark through a variety of games and activities, many of which will be outside.  The nursery team will also be exploring the story of Noah’s Ark with the afternoon class and they will have opportunities to take part in the games and activities too!

The next Stay and Play session will be on Tuesday 24th November 2015 if you would like to come along and see what happens at nursery! The sign-up sheets for this will be available soon!

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