Primary 5 Learning Leaflet

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Primary 5 Learning Leaflet

Information for Parents

Term 2


This term, we will be using our knowledge and skills developed in Multiplicaton last term to make links with Division and sharing. Some children will learn how to divide two and three digit numbers, with and without the use of materials. Divisions will be carried out using the 2-10 times table and will go on to include remainders. They will be observing place value and its effects on a number when dividing by 10 and 100.

In addition to this, we will be completing weekly problem solving tasks, where the children may have to guess and check solutions, act out problems etc.

We will also be observing 3D shapes, where they will learn to identify, name and describe their features using the appropriate vocabulary.


The children will be considering the type of text they are creating this term, where the will identify specific language in order to organise various pieces of writing and use suitable vocabulary appropriate to their audience.  They will observe various instructions and types of brochures before writing their own.

Opportunities will be given regularly to edit their written work and up-level their sentences, using our VCOP system.

Health and Wellbeing

Through our Independent Learning, the children will explore the value of friendships and the opportunities they are given to make friends in a range of situations.

Primary 5M will be learning country dancing this term with Miss Robertson, and will develop skills in unihoc for the remainder of their gym time.


This term, we will be completing a mini topic about Scotland.  The children have decided they would like to learn a bit about where the cities and rivers are, as well as learning about our country’s national flags.  They also have a keen interest in learning about some Scottish History, battles and castles.  We will therefore be learning some things about Wallace and Bruce and castles.

Other News 

The class have had their seating rearranged this term and they are still furiously trying to earn marbles for their table, in order to win the Rainbow Tray and cushions for the following week!

They will also be signing in as soon as they enter class and noting their choice of lunch. This will hopefully ensure that they come in more quickly and quietly and ready to learn.

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