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Term 2 October to December 2015 


This term we are concentrating on continuing to build our knowledge of number bonds, up to 10, up to 20 , up to 100 and beyond 100

Some of our groups will be concentrating on addition with regrouping and subtraction with exchanging.

Another group will be using their times table knowledge to multiply larger numbers. E.g. 26 x 8, 238 x 9

Our practical Maths will be concentrating on 3D and 2D shapes, and their properties



This term all the reading groups will continue to build confidence in reading aloud and tackling unfamiliar words, using their decoding skills.

We will also be looking at how to find information from the stories we have read which will help answer set questions. This helps them develop understanding of what they have read, developing confidence in answering literal questions.

In writing we will continue to build on our knowledge about VCOP and work on sentence development using this.

We will continue to build on our knowledge about phonics, learning about consonant blends and some common words. The spelling sounds will be covered over two week blocks to allow the children to consolidate what they have learned.



Health and Wellbeing

This term we are concentrating on looking at emotions and how different emotions make us feel. We are looking at friendships and how they make us feel and what we can do when they don’t work. Controlling our emotions and the strategies to help us cope when they go wrong, will also be explored.

Gross motors will also be concentrating on how to control our body movements. This term we will be moving in different directions in a variety of different ways. (Changing directions and following different paths in the gym while bouncing a ball or balancing a bean bag are some examples)


Other News

Some of our children will be learning about Katie Morag and her island life. This is focussing on similarities and differences between city and island life.

Our hub children will also be involved in the Christmas shows and activities about Christmas.

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