Reflection Leaflet P1J

Term 1: August – October 2015


During the first term in Primary 1J we will be focusing on numbers to 10. The boys and girls will be learning to form numbers correctly and identify them within the number line using the language before, after, between, 1 more and 1 less. We will also be focusing on counting skills through a variety of active tasks. The children will be consolidating their knowledge of shapes and patterns through problem solving activities in the first term of Primary 1.

The boys and girls are becoming very confident in their number recognition and counting. We have been working hard on activities to help us count objects up to 10 as well as recognising the numbers. With the use of our number line we have been learning about the numbers 1 more and 1 less, we have even done some practise of 2 more and 2 less. Going forward the boys and girls will continue to practise this, trying to work out the answer in their head! Towards the end of this term we have been working hard on recognising the number names zero to ten.


During Term 1 the boys and girls will begin to develop their skills and knowledge in phonics as they are introduced to their initial sounds. We will be practising our phonics skills through various daily activities and games such as writing, matching and sorting.

It is only 1 term in and the boys and girls have already made fantastic progress in their phonics work! These important steps will open up the world of reading to them as they begin to blend sounds and read words independently. The children have enjoyed activities such as word building with magnetic letters, sorting sounds at ‘Sammy Snakes table’ and making/writing sounds with various resources.

As the children are introduced to reading in Primary 1 we will begin by working with wordless and simple word books. This will encourage your child to engage with the picture clues in the book and help to develop their confidence in being able to tell the story in their own words. As we progress in Term 1 the boys and girls will move on to basic reading books where we will be focusing on the simple structure of a sentence as well as sight recall of common words.

After the initial introduction to wordless books, the boys and girls have now progressed confidently on to worded books. Reading books this term have had a focus of a few common words which link in with the words we have been learning in class. Keep encouraging your child to talk lots about the story using their finger to help them follow the words when reading. The boys and girls have also been working hard to build sentences using common words.

In writing we will be working on correct letter formation through various daily activities. We will also begin our ‘taught writing’ lessons by focusing on some pieces of personal writing in which the children will be encouraged to copy a sentence dictated by them.

The boys and girls have produced some amazing pieces of writing this term full of fantastic ideas and descriptive words. We have been learning about the structure of a sentence and trying to identify where our capital letter and full stop should go. The boys and girls will continue to practise and develop their letter formation as we progress through the letters.

Health and Wellbeing

In P1J our PE days will be on a Wednesday and Friday. Please remember your child should bring a full PE kit (white t-shirt, black/navy shorts) on these days. During the first term we will be working on spatial awareness in the gym hall, team work and taking turns through various games. Miss Robertson will be taking the boys and girls for PE on a Wednesday. Please encourage your child to practise getting dressed on their own and help them by avoiding ‘tricky’ clothes on PE days.

The boys and girls have been enjoying PE this term as they have been learning to work together and take turns. Some of the boys and girls have also made great progress in getting ready for PE all by themselves. They do a super job of trying to keep their clothes folded and have been trying their best not to get them mixed up! We have also been learning about road safety and hygiene during HWB lessons.


We will begin Primary 1 with our first topic ‘When Dinosaurs Ruled the World’. This will give the boys and girls lots of opportunities to learn and explore facts about Dinosaurs and the environment they lived in. We will also have fun with art and craft activities related to our topic.

The boys and girls have shown great enthusiasm during out Dinosaurs topic. We have been learning lots about ‘fact books’ and how we can use them to find information. Through craft activities we have made some dinosaurs using different shapes and colours. We have also taken part in lots of singing related to our topic, one of our favourites is ‘The Dinosaur Gang’.

Other News

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support with homework. This is an important part of your child’s learning and with continued support at home and at school the boys and girls are coming on leaps and bounds. I would like to wish the boys and girls lots of luck with the rest of Primary 1, I have no doubt that they will all continue to be little stars!

Miss Jellema (P1J)

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