P7SM Reflection Leaflet


This term in P7SM, we will complete a novel study on the children’s classic Stig of the Dump. The children will learn a range of reading strategies during this block, which they will continue to use when undertaking study of various other novels as the school year progresses. This term, we also begin our Big Writing. Children will be encouraged to self-assess and up-level their written work using VCOP throughout the term.

P7SM have enjoyed reading Stig of the Dump this term. They have gained valuable experience in using the different reading strategies and will be well able to apply these strategies when they move onto their novels next term! P7SM have also gained greater experience in self-assessing and up-leveling their written work. This will continue to be a focus as the school year progresses.


We will be looking at whole numbers this term. Children will build on their knowledge of place value before moving on to operations in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division involving whole numbers. Children will have the opportunity to develop and apply skills through games and problem solving activities. We will be looking closely at representing and interpreting data as well as recognising, classifying and describing angles.

Over term one, we have focused on place value, addition, subtraction and multiplication. We have practiced applying what we have learnt to solve real life problems. This will continue to be a focus next term. We conducted a traffic survey as part of our learning in data handling. The children were able to make some interesting observations about traffic flow outside the school and were able to represent their findings accurately.

Health and Wellbeing

Children will be encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities which promote a healthy lifestyle. Miss Robertson will be taking the children for P.E. this term, where they will have the opportunity to increase their fitness levels and apply skills that they have learnt in rugby. The children will also be involved in discussions around healthy eating and will be able to apply their knowledge and understanding of current healthy eating advice to contribute to a healthy eating plan.


After much deliberation, we have decided on Living Things as the title for our topic this term. The children have shown an interest in learning about evolution and extinction, and so, this will comprise of most of our topic learning this block.

P7SM have enjoyed working collaboratively to produce presentations on evolution. The children were able to make some interesting links between the theory of evolution and the character of Stig in our class novel, Stig of the dump. We have also learnt about food chains and food webs in different habitats and have completed drawings of food chains.

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