P5M Reflection Leaflet

Glashieburn School

Primary   5 Learning Leaflet

Information for Parents

Term 1


This term we will mostly be concentrating on Multiplication, in particular, the five to ten times tables.  This will be learned through various contexts, including real life challenges, situations, games, written and oral work,

We will continue to develop our mental maths strategies as well as concentrating on regular problem solving activities and measuring in metres and centimetres.

Reflection – Good progress has been made this term, especially in multiplying Tens and Units by Units, with carrying, and some using Hundreds,Tens and Units.  The children should continue to practice their tables to ensure an easier progression to division work.


For writing this term, we will be focusing on our Big Writing, where the children will observe VCOP – Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation within our lessons.

We will be carrying out a novel study of Roald Dahl’s, The BFG, where the children will analyse and evaluate the text in order to demonstate comprehension.

Reflection – The class have loved listening to/reading and working from the BFG novel.

The children have been up-levelling their sentences, using VCOP strategies and have made good progress on this.  These skills are being transferred to their story writing.


Health and Wellbeing

Primary Five will mainly be concentrating on basketball skills this term, including cooperation, tactics and rules, leading up to mini games.

Reflection – Many skills have been covered in basketball this term.  The children have had fun playing mini basketball games.


Through our novel study of The BFG, the class will be observing some simple and exciting kitchen experiments.

Electricity, involving simple circuits, switches and buzzers will be looked at, where we will be given opportunities to make simple games.

Primary 5 loved mixing oil, water, food colouring and effervescent tablets to make their BFG dreams.

They have been making simple series and parallel circuits and recorded these with the correct symbols.

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