P 4/5K Reflection Leaflet

Primary 4/5 K Learning Leaflet

August – October 2015


P4/5K will work on solving problems using a variety of strategies, working interactively in pairs or groups. The children will also continually self and peer assess to identify knowledge and next steps.

The Spheres and Cuboids will be learning their 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables’ and will use these facts to solve calculations. The will also focus on applying their knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve word based problems.

The Pyramids will be learning their times tables up to and including x10. They will also focus on applying their knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to generate relevant problems for others to solve.

Evaluation: P 4/5 K have shown that they can successfully identify the key information within word problems in order to arrive at the solution.  Having focused on multiplication this term, we now feel confident to use that knowledge to explore division.


Within Listening and Talking P4/5K are learning to:

  • Take turns and adapt to different roles within a group.
  • Read aloud in front of others and speak clearly.
  • Communicate effectively and respectfully.

Through exploring the works of Roald Dahl, P4/5K’s reading work this term will focus on writer’s craft and various reading strategies.  They will also be reading a selection of non-fiction texts to develop comprehension skills and extract useful information for our Ancient Americans topic.

P4/5K are learning to make effective use of vocabulary, connectives, openers and punctuation to improve our writing.

Evaluation: P 4/5 K will continue to make use of the four features of good writing as this has enhanced the quality of our work and increased our confidence in writing. 

P4/5 K thoroughly enjoyed studying  Roald Dahl novels this term and have a deeper understanding of writer’s craft.  


P4/5K will learn to use and develop their presentation skills to feedback and share information about their topic ‘Ancient Americans’ with peers.  They are developing their team working skills as they brainstorm and make decisions as a group. With a focus on the impressive empires that existed in South America they will extend our geographical knowledge and learn about the cultural practices of the different Mesoamerican people.

P 4/5 K have enjoyed working in collaboration with one another to explore the interesting history of the Ancient American people.

Health and Wellbeing

P4/5 will be developing their ball skills through basket ball in PE this term. We will be working on our team skills and working cooperatively. The class will eventually be competing in a whole class basket ball competition towards the end of term.

Evaluation: The children had a great time displaying their skills during the end of term tournament.

Other News

  • Homework will be handed out to the class on Mondays and is due on a Friday.
  • The children need to bring P.E kits on Thursdays and Fridays

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