Primary 6C Reflection Leaflet

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Primary 6C Reflection Leaflet

Information for Parents

Term 1


Number: This term we will be focusing on place value and number processes.  We will be consolidating our knowledge and understanding of choosing correct operations to calculate sums.

Maths this term has went really well.  We have consolidated our knowledge of place value, addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimals.  We have enjoyed using a variety of resources to help apply our skills learned.

Data Handling: We will start focusing on how to draw graphs correctly.  We will also look at how to gather information and the best way to display this information.  We will learn what is meant by the mean, median, mode and range.

Data Handling has been great fun this term.  We have been learning about mean, median, mode and range and creating bar and line graphs.  We also managed to input information onto Excel and create a graph on the computer. To help us remember the meaning of mean, median, mode and range we created a song with actions.  This has helped us a lot.

Problem Solving: This term we will be focusing on 3 strategies.  We will solve problems by working backwards, trial and error and reason logically.

P6 have really enjoyed problem solving this term.  We have experienced using 3 different methods and focused on the 5 steps to problem solving. 


Reading: This term we will be studying the novel The Railway Children.  We will be focusing on the 6 reading strategies in Active Literacy to deepen our knowledge and understanding of analyzing different texts.                  Studying The Railway Children has been very exciting and interesting.  We have been looking at characterization, setting, vocabulary and theme.  We have also been using the 6 strategies of reading; predicting, metalinguistics, visualization, inference, main ideas and summarising.  This week we have been combining our knowledge that we have learned to create a diorama which shows what we have learned about the story.

Writing: We will be focusing on VCOP through the Big Writing Immediate Impact program looking at how to “up level” our writing skills.  We will focus on each area in great detail so that we can use the skills in our own writing throughout the year.                                                                                       We have been analysing each part of VCOP in great detail by identifying ambitious features of writing.  We have had the chance to create our own texts using these ambitious features to help us ‘up level’ our writing.  Next term we will begin to set targets for writing so that we develop independence and responsibility of our own learning.

Listening and Talking: Throughout this term we will use our listening and talking skills through various group and paired work in different aspects of the curriculum.                                                                                                      We have been creating in pairs a research project about a chosen area of Africa.  This week we have had the chance to share what we have learned through presenting our work to the class.

Health and Wellbeing

P.E and aspects of Health will be taught by Miss Robertson.

Health: Through our topic Africa we will be looking at how people cook food and what food is available to them.  We will have the chance to use our cooking and hygiene skills when making famous African soup recipes.

We have looked at different lifestyles of the African people which included what they ate but we have not had the time to cook any African soup recipes.  In Health we have looked at emotions and different feelings.  We have looked at anger share some strategies on how to cope with anger in different situations.


Our topic this term is Africa.  We will be focusing on mapping skills, climate, weather and land use.  We will also look at African tribes and how different tribes live their lives.  We will investigate endangered animals and how society can protect them.  We will also have a go at learning basic Swahili phrases and we will use our art and design skills to create African drums and tribal masks.

Africa has been a very exciting and interesting topic this term.  We have experienced a lot of different aspects of Africa and learned different skills.  We have had great fun designing and creating clay Massai house, tribal masks and African drums.  We have learned a lot about each country and the map of Africa.  We also looked at the flags of different countries and the meaning behind them.  We have also investigated the different climate areas of Africa in detail focusing on weather, vegetation, population and livelihood. 

Other News 

Please remember P.E kits on Tuesday and Thursday.  These will be taken home every Friday for washing.

Library will on Wednesday morning.

Homework will be given out on Monday and it is to be handed in on Friday.  Could homework be signed after completion.

We will now have Calligraphy and Mandarin on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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