Nursery Reflection Leaflet

Nursery Reflection Leaflet

Information for Parents

Term 1

 The boys and girls in the nursery have really enjoyed learning about ‘The Body’ this term.  They can use the correct names for the different body parts and have enjoyed discovering how the different parts work.  We have been using the ‘Funnybones’ stories to discover what our skeletons look like and we are starting to learn the names for all our bones! 

We have been also been discovering that, while we have similarities, we are all different and unique.  The children have had great fun comparing the size of their feet, the colour of their eyes and the colour of their hair! Some children are keen to measure their height so we have started a height chart in nursery so we can explore how much we grow this year! There are lots of photos in our floorbook in nursery so please do come and take a look.

The boys and girls have been sorting and matching by colour, as well as learning the correct names for each colour.  Some of the children have also been using a variety of materials to create colour patterns.  In RME, we have been learning about the story of Joseph from the Bible and the children made some beautiful collages of his coloured coat!

The children have been very busy this term and they have picked up the rules and routines quickly.  In gym, we have been exploring how our bodies move and how we keep them healthy.  The children love taking part in simple circuits and can keep going for a long time!  We have been outside almost every day and the children have really enjoyed opportunities to take their learning outdoors.  They have been practicing their writing using the big chalk and paints and have been exploring how the trees are changing now it is Autumn.  The boys and girls are good at sharing the big bikes and scooters and at waiting to take their turn.  We are also becoming quicker at getting ready to go outside and the children are trying hard to be independent!

It has been a busy term and the children have worked very hard.  Well done boys and girls!



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