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Nursery Learning Leaflet

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Term 1

This term in nursery the children have chosen ‘The Body’ as their context for learning and have been really enjoying sharing their knowledge and ideas with one another.  We are going to be exploring how our bodies work and discovering the correct names for the different parts.  The children are very keen to discover what happens to their food once it is inside their bodies and to find out what their skeletons look like!  We will also be exploring how we keep our bodies healthy and, during gym time, will develop their ability to move their bodies in different ways.

The boys and girls are developing their ability to count and to recognise written numerals to 10 (and beyond for some children).  Some children are keen to learn how to form these numbers correctly and we have tracing cards and stencils, along with number lines, available at the drawing table for them to practice.  We are also going to be learning about directions through games in the gym hall and by using the programmable BeeBot toys.

In all our activities this term, we are developing our ability to follow rules and routines, to take our turn and to share.  We are also encouraging the children to be as independent as possible in as many tasks as they can.  They are developing their ability to serve themselves at snack and to tidy up activities in the nursery when they are finished.  We aim to be outside as often as possible and so the children have many opportunities to practice putting on their jackets and shoes by themselves.  When we are outside, the children can choose from a variety of toys and activities, including the climbing frame, cars, scooters, bikes, chalks, diggers, sand, water, and gardening.

If you would like to come and see what your child is doing in nursery, we will be having a ‘Stay and Play’ session on Thursday 8th October from 8.30-10am for the morning session and from 2-3.30pm for the afternoon session. Sign-up sheets for these will be available soon in the nursery as there are limited spaces!

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  1. It looked like you were having fun when I visited the nursery. I think you managed to label all parts of the body correctly. Well done nursery.
    Mrs Winton

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