Parent Council Meeting Minutes


Parent Council Minutes 31-08-2015

Parent Council Minutes of Meeting 31/08/2015 (1815 to 1920)

Attendees: MW, LR, EM, Miss Connell, CM, LS, HZ, SG, DD (part).  (Apologies GH, LM )

  1. Minutes from last meeting- reviewed and agreed.

Noted photograph policy questions are being reworded prior to issuing permission slips to parents again.

Noted PTA interest for daytime meetings was possible – letter asking for interest again being issued shortly.

  1. Bank balance to be confirmed, statements pending, accounts to be prepared. We should see remittances in due course when new bank balance can be advised – suggestions for use of funds? Provide refreshments at Curriculum evening for example to try and encourage parental interest and participation? To be discussed further.
  1. PC members still low, no interest in vacant treasurer position. Linda to take this on, seconded by HZ, agreed.
  1. Primary involvement and assistance to the school is as needed, in areas such as curriculum evenings and open days. See later points. Until PTA situation resolved, less opportunity to try to raise PC awareness or assist in other ways.
  1. School confirmed there had been NO feedback received at all re pupil / parent questionnaires issued and summarised per the school blog. Despite this, the school has started to action issuing of pupil targets and learning leaflets via the website in response to parental requests.  Aim is to release these in one day with more regular class blog updates to follow throughout the year.
  1. November curriculum evening plans discussed and possible PC assistance with the same – what would be of interest above usual literacy, numeracy and assessment? Worked examples (MW), internet safety and Abby’s Room (LS) and health promotion via Rowett (HZ). All to be investigated and discussed at meeting re Curriculum planning on 28/09/15.
  1. Update provided from LS on attendance and issues at various meetings.
  • No termly meetings attended
  • ACPCF meeting schedule clash with PC meeting
  • Joint BoD meetings – interest across some primary schools in ASG and not others, some concerns from HTs in some schools, interest from Hamish Cattanach, ACC BoD capacity building officer.

LS will email group summary of progress to date and gauge interest in group formation and aims and feedback.

  1. Inclusion review update- Glashieburn no longer on list as the ASG allocated school; no further update on impact available at this time.
  1. School update – staffing levels good, change pending TBC shortly.
  1. AOB
  • School will be sharing system called “Show my Homework” shortly – early stages of investigation.
  • Impact on information sharing as all Facebook pages now closed if school website also down (as happened over Summer). Monitor, review and address if needed.
  • School to add Uniform Company details to website.
  • School to issue groupcall to remind parent about accessing blog feeds for up to date school information.
  • Carry forward: grounds update.

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