Dalguise 2015

Some more snaps from our exciting week in Dalguise!  Thank you to all the boys and girls for making it such an enjoyable experience!  You have been fantastic and should be very proud of all of your achievements!

Miss Milne

3 thoughts on “Dalguise 2015”

  1. Callan was adamant from P5 that he wasn’t going to Dalguise. I want to personally thank everyone involved in providing him with the confidence to go and achieve what looks like an amazing time.
    Thank you Mrs Winton and all the staff, you do an outstanding job and have a fantastic school that provides everything any parent could ask for.

    Well Done everyone.

  2. Boys, girls, Miss Robertson, Miss Milne, Miss Morrissey and Mr Hine,
    I am absoulutely delighted that the week was such a success. Thanks to all of you for making it such a great week.
    Mrs Winton

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