P4L Learning Leaflet

Term 1 – August – October


This term we are reading George’s Marvellous Medicine together as a class.  As well as reading for enjoyment, we will be learning about the different strategies which we can use to help us gain a deeper understanding of not only this novel but of all texts we read throughout the year.

We are continuing to develop our writing skills this term through a series of lessons promoting VCOP.


Our main focus this term is to build upon our existing skills in multiplication and division.  Our IDL topic on Transport is also an ideal chance for us to re-visit ‘Time’ by looking at train and plane timetables to work out durations of journeys and we will also be creating graphs to display information gathered over a series of traffic surveys of Jesmond Drive which will be conducted safely from within the confines of the school grounds.


George’s Marvellous Medicine lends itself naturally to exploring medicinces and substances which can be used in a safe way to improve health.  We are also going to take a closer look at the way in which food products are advertised on TV and in magazines and how this can tempt us to buy one item over another.

During our twice weekly PE lessons, which will be delivered by Miss Robertson, we will be learning how to play basketball and how to be a co-operative team player during competitive games.


Our topic is Transport and we have collectively devised a list of big questions which we hope to find answers to over the coming weeks.  Transport in the past, present and future and different types of transport used around the world are just two areas to be explored as well as finding out more about speed, engines, brakes and the Channel Tunnel.

We also hope to enhance our investigative skills by creating our very own marvellous but definitely non-edible medicines.


PE – Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning

Library – Wednesday morning.

ICT – Wednesday afternoon

Singing – Thursday morning






















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  1. Thank you so much for posting this, it’s a great help.
    I am not sure if anyone else has a non communicative child regarding their school day?
    I think it may just be tiredness and forgetfulness something we all know to well!!
    Nevertheless it is great to have something to chat about?

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