P2G’s Learning Leaflet

P2G’s Learning Leaflet

Term 1 – August – October 2015


This term P2G will be revisiting our knowledge of 2D shapes and investigating 3D shapes in our environment.

We will further our knowledge of number patterns and sequences, becoming more confident using the hundred square. We will be consolidating our number bonds to ten and developing our skills in addition and subtraction sums within 20.

Closer to the end of the term we will be exploring length, weight and capacity.


The first reading strategy we will focus on this term will be prediction skills. We have learned what predictions are and are now making predictions before and as we read.

During this first term we will be developing knowledge of VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation) and applying it to our writing.

As part of “talking and listening” we will be working in small collaborative groups to develop our turn-taking and listening skills. When possible we will get the opportunity to present a piece to our group on a themed subject e.g. My favourite hobby.


This term P2G have chosen to complete a topic based on “Me & My senses”.  Within this topic we will not only investigate how our 5 senses work but also why they are important to us and how they can keep us safe in our environment.

We have already begun investigating our sense of touch and have had the opportunity to feel some very interesting textures!

Health and Wellbeing

On Tuesdays we will be developing our ball skills with Miss Greene. We will be learning how to correctly complete a chest pass, bounce pass and overhead pass. In the coming weeks we will practice our striking skills and learn the basic rules involved in football and basketball. We will also get the opportunity to work with Miss. Robertson on a Monday!

Other News
Please ensure that your child has their reading book, reading record, key-ring and homework jotter every Friday.

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