P1/2S Learning Leaflet

Term 1

August – October 2015


This block, we will be exploring different types of measure. We will be applying our knowledge of length, weight and capacity to investigate our environment, both inside and outside school.

We will also be focusing on number. Primary 1 will be learning to form the numbers to 10, as well as focusing on 1 more and 1 less within 10. P2 will be becoming more confident with numbers to 100, using a number square, and will consolidate numbers bonds to 10, before moving on to addition and subtraction within 20.


In reading, P1 are getting to grips with their new reading books, and meeting the Oxford Reading Tree family! They will be learning all about how they can use the pictures as clues for what the story might be about, and what the words on the page might say. Closer to the end of the block, P1 will be beginning to blend the words in their books, using the phonics knowledge, in order to read some short sentences.

P2 are focusing on developing pre-reading strategies. This includes learning skills such as prediction and being able to use key words to discuss possible events in the story. Within this, they will complete tasks such as becoming authors for the day and writing a new page for their reading books. They will also have the opportunity to work in pairs to discuss their thoughts and feelings on the story and provide reasons why.

Talking and listening will focus on turn taking and listening to others with intent. P1 will be working in small groups each week for co-operative show and tell. P2 will expand on this, and create small focused presentations to deliver to their peers. Alongside this, they will be learning about the importance of being a good audience, and begin to develop quality questions to spark discussion with their peers.


Health and Wellbeing

In P.E this block we are focusing on ball skills. We will be practising our throwing and catching skills. P2 will expand on this by learning the proper names and criteria for different types of throws, such as underarm and overarm passes.

We will be learning the skills needed to control the ball when we are throwing, catching and balancing. This will be done through a variety of activities and games.

Miss Robertson will work with the boys and girls during their Wednesday gym time.


This block, P1/2 will be learning all about ‘Me & My Senses’. Within this, we will investigate each of the 5 senses, and discover not only how they work, but how we can use them in a range of situations. One particular focus will be how our senses can help to keep us safe.

Within lessons, we will be carrying out a variety of tasks. These range from creating mind maps based on our senses, to using practical investigations to gain a real life grasp of how our senses work! We have already been brave and used our sense of touch to describe how different objects, such as jelly, feel!

Other News 

Just a few reminders for those in P1/2;

  • P.E. is on a Wednesday and a Friday
  • P.E. kits should be taken home on a Friday
  • Homework is given out on a Monday to be returned on a Friday.
  • Please complete homework tasks in the homework jotter, unless a sheet is provided.
  • Please remember that reading books should come to school inside purple packs each day.

Any Questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!




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