Parent Council Meeting Agenda – All welcome

PC AGENDA – 31 AUGUST 2015 6.15PM

Agree meeting notes and review any points carried forward from last meeting

Confirm bank balance and agree plan for funds.

Annual accounts to be prepared to 31 March 2015 and submitted by end of last term.

Consider split of responsibilities with rest of PC members and fill vacant Treasurers post

Ideas for increasing profile and parents involved in PC – would there be any benefit of hosting a stall at next open day/Faye and volunteers? Any other ideas?
Involvement of PC in school business.

Update/feedback on recent blog summary of pupil/parent questionnaire which fed into the annual school improvement plan.  Update from school on progress of issuing pupil targets to parents and class termly updates per parent feedback summary.

Ideas for getting parent feedback on and ideas for November curriculum night -review results from past parent questionnaire and agree way forward on how we can get more parents involved in these open nights and what they would want to learn?  PC involvement?

Update on termly meetings, ACPCF meetings and joint PC since last meeting.

Inclusion review  – any update from HT on impact on Learning Hub and specifically the unit for all ASG children with learning difficulties and overall impact on rest of school and teachers.
SCHOOL UPDATE – update on new teachers and current vacancy/ies position?

Share a homework system called ‘Show My Homework’

Any further update from HT
NEXT MEETING – confirm dates


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