P6/7M’s Engineering Experience!

P6/7M had a fantastic time working with the School of Engineering at RGU on Tuesday.  The pupils were given the opportunity to build and test their very own mini R.O.V’s (Remotely Operated Vehicles)!  By following their design instructions very carefully, all 4 groups created working models!  They tested them out in a 3M deep R.O.V pit and also played ‘R.O.V football’ and ‘Release the Treasure’.

Their experience did not end there! They toured the workshops, learnt about renewable energy, the stress and strain of materials and explored aerodynamics using toy cars and an air tunnel!

We would like to give a HUGE thank you to RGU and the School of Engineering for providing us with such an exciting learning experience.

2 thoughts on “P6/7M’s Engineering Experience!”

  1. Dear Boys and Girls,
    You look like you had a very interseting and fun time during your visit to RGU. Miss Milne was very enthusiastic about the visit when she gave me feedback. Who knows this may help shape some of your future careers.
    Mrs Winton

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