P2 Duthie Park Trip

We loved our class trip to Duthie Park today! We caught our own insects, created new minibeasts which had superpowers, experienced different climates (in the jungle, desert and forest) and played minibeast puzzle games. A huge thank you to the rangers at Duthie Park and to our parent helpers. Well done boys and girls – you all made super scientists!

Miss Mackinnon  🙂

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2 thoughts on “P2 Duthie Park Trip”

  1. Emily said “IT WAS GREAT!”
    Thank you for providing P2 with yet another fantastic opportunity to explore, investigate and learn.

    1. Bailey has really enjoyed primary 2 with Miss Mackinnon 🙂 What a great year they have had with the Katie Morag show, the garden party and two super trips. A perfect
      foundation for their journey at Glashieburn.

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