We have finished! Check out our P2 garden…

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us renovate our garden. Special thanks to Phil at “Fowler McKenzie Limited” for donating benches, the very hard working parent helpers who dug up our pond, Miss McFarlane at Keith Grammar for making our fantastic signs and the boys and girls in primary two for all their hard work. It was a very messy job but we learned many new skills and had fun! Well done!!!     Miss MackinnonDSC03083 DSC03082     DSC03081 DSC03080  DSC03079 DSC03078 DSC03077 DSC03076 DSC03075 DSC03074 DSC03073 DSC03072 DSC03071 DSC03070 DSC03069 DSC03068 DSC03067 DSC03066 DSC03065 DSC03064 DSC03063 DSC03062 DSC03061 DSC03060 DSC03059 DSC03058 DSC03057 DSC03055 DSC03054 DSC03053 DSC03052 DSC03051 DSC03084


4 thoughts on “We have finished! Check out our P2 garden…”

  1. Your garden is looking FANTASTIC P2M, especially your lovely painted stones! I am so proud of all your efforts.
    Miss Robertson

  2. What a lot of work you and your pupils have put into this wonderful space. Well done to you all and everyone who supported this project.

  3. Looking great boys and girls, all that hard work has paid off and you now have a beautiful space to work in. Well done Miss Mackinnon!

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