P6/7M Travelled a mile!

Archie in Africa day was great fun!  We danced the day away for our ‘dance-a-thon’, successfully avoided using technology and managed to stick to drinking only water!  On top of all of this, Miss Milne asked us to travel a mile!

In class we found out how many metres were in a mile and then we measured this out in the playground using trundle wheels.  We were allowed to travel our mile in any way we wanted; running, cartwheeling, dribbling, skipping, crawling, some of us even carried buckets of water!  At the end we discussed how hard it would be to travel that distance (and sometimes more) to get everyday resources like food and water – we really are lucky here.imageimage


One thought on “P6/7M Travelled a mile!”

  1. What fun you had on the Archie in Africa Day, which is depicted very well in you photographs.
    Well done,
    Mrs Winton

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