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Term April-July 2015



Last week allowed the children an opportunity to refresh their subtraction skills within 10 after the Easter holidays as well as demonstrating their ability to do so through a variety of assessments.  This term will be very busy as we develop and enhance our existing skills in the following areas before heading off to P2.

Fact Families

Odd and Even Numbers

Numbers to 100


Information Handling

Measurement (weight. length, volume)

As mentioned on Parents’ Evening, the time allowed to complete our weekly Beat That activity has been decreased by 5 seconds to 15 seconds for 2 weeks now in order to provide the children with more challenge.



There are now 4 reading groups in P1L instead of 3.  Blue, Pink and Red has now been replaced with Frogs, Meerkats, Giraffes and Cats – names chosen by the new group members last week. Meerkats and Frogs will now receive new reading books on Mondays and Thursdays while Cats and Giraffes will do so on Tuesdays and Fridays. Curiousity Kits will also be given out on a weekly basis later this term during which time normal reading homework will be reduced.

We can now identify nouns during reading activities and are going on to learn about adjectives and verbs.

We are going to focus on imaginative story writing over the next few weeks where the children will be encouraged to write more independently using their increasing knowledge of common words and word patterns.


Health and Wellbeing

In preparation for the upcoming, inter-house, dodgeball tournament, we learned how to play dodgeball last week in PE.   We are also looking forward to getting outside to play rounders and practise for Sports Day as well as skipping and playing football.



We are going to continue with our “Weddings” topic for a few more weeks before the children select a new topic which will be the focus for our class assembly in a few weeks’ time.  Thanks to everyone who has brought in photos and other wedding souvenirs for the class to see.  We have also enjoyed looking at and comparing a variety of staff wedding albums and hearing about the favourite parts of their special day. We learned how to do the Grand March to Scottish music and especially enjoyed the end when we all ended up in a long line together.

In addition to our new topic, we are looking forward to exploring our local area this term as the weather gets warmer including a special trip planned to the park beside Asda to evaluate its facilities and suggest what could be added to make it even better. We will also be heading further afield for a day trip which the children will be involved in planning very soon once our new topic has been decided.


Other News

–  Due to the 3 days off school that the children have over the next 2 weeks, homework issued this week is not due to be handed in until Friday 8th May.

–  Our library day is now on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays.

–  PE continues to be on Thursday and Friday mornings.

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  1. Great update for what’s going on in class. Liam was telling me about the reading groups tonight – understand now. Thanks for posting Miss Low.

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