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Final Term (20th April – 3rd July 2015)

This term all our groups are exploring 3D shapes. We will look at their vertices, edges, faces and identify links between them and the 2D shapes we have already learnt. We will also be enhancing our knowledge of time and actively using it to solve problems.

Our Shooting Stars will be using their knowledge of their multiplication tables to develop their division while our Sapphire Spheres will be learning to divide small numbers into big ones.
Our Diamonds will be actively working on dividing items equally in real life problems and our Golden Cubes will be using their knowledge of division to work out decimals and percentages.


At the end of last term we were learning to write detailed character descriptions. We are now developing our ability to create descriptive story settings. We will be writing imaginative stories that are out of this world!
Later in the term we will be practicing science reports and instructional writing.

In reading we will continue to make use of the different reading strategies, particularly summarising, prediction and inference to help us improve our understanding of texts.

With our new spelling menus we have lots of choice when it comes to practicing our spelling. We are practicing these as much as possible to help us improve our writing and reading.

Health and Well-being

This term P5G are getting the chance to practice and improve their sporting skills with the experts (RGU sports science students) for four weeks. This will involve a variety of activities aimed at improving our core skills.
With the sunny weather almost here, we hope to spend lots of our P.E. time outside practicing our kicking and striking skills in rounders and our catching and throwing in basketball.

P5 will be developing our awareness of the consequences our choices and actions have on other people. We will be looking at the rights and responsibilities we have as a P5 pupil.


This term we have chosen “light and sound” as our class topic. We will get to explore and investigate how sound is made and learn how to create different sounds at various pitchs. We will also be investigating how light travels, how to bend it and learn about the colours it is made up of.


P5G’s amazing author research projects will be completed and presented on the 30th of April as the school is closed on Friday the 1st  May.

Please remind your child to take home his/her gym kit on a Friday of each week!

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