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Term 4 2015


This term we will be looking at money in real life contexts through budgeting and looking at the cost of living.  We will continue to revise and consolidate our times tables and our knowledge of a range of mental math strategies.  We will be investigating angles and will be discussing, describing and classifying these using the appropriate mathematical vocabulary.  We will be learning how to measure and draw angles and we will be applying our skills to solve different problems.  We will be learning about the link between fractions, decimals and percentages.


Spelling words will continue to be issued on a weekly basis and the children will participate in a range of active activities in class as well as focusing on the different strategies that they can use to help them use these words correctly.

In our reading we will continue to study our group novels and gain a deeper understanding of the texts through using and applying the main reading strategies – prior knowledge, metalinguistics, summarising, main ideas, inference, visualization and paraphrasing.   We will have a wider experience of using non – fiction texts to find information and develop our research and note taking skills.

In writing we will continue to build on our self-editing and correction skills as well as applying known punctuation rules with consistency.  We will also be looking at how to correctly structure our writing using headings and paragraphs etc.

We will be developing our range vocabulary by focusing on metaphors and similes with Mrs Argent.

Health and Wellbeing

This term we will be beginning our ‘Choices’ topic.  We will be focusing on the use and misuse of a range of substances such as drugs, cigarettes and alcohol and we will develop our knowledge of body systems and potential problems that may develop.  We will be developing our awareness of relationships, sexual health and parenthood through the living and growing programme.

Through our health lessons, we will cover topics such as transition, friendship, bullying and peer pressure.

In PE we will build on our team work skills through a range of activities.  We will also participate in creative dance and gymnastics activities and develop our athletics skills.


This term we will be learning about ‘Politics and Democracy’ and we will be developing our team work, debating and presenting skills through holding our own election.

In RME, Mrs. Argent will be continuing to further the children’s knowledge of other world religions and the children will move on to the topic of Sikhism.

Other News 

This is a very exciting term for P7 with it being their last at Glashieburn School. We will have our academy visits to look forward to as well as our P7 Trip and our P7 Leavers party.

We have been given the chance to participate in a workshop through the ‘Scottish Opera Company,’ which is titled ‘Warriors’ and it will involve us developing our skills across the expressive arts.

We will be attending a science workshop entitled ‘Chemistry at Work’ at RGU on Wednesday the 6th May.

Mandarin lessons will continue on a Wednesday with Lynn and we are also participating in ‘Chinese Calligraphy’ lessons with Nathan on a Tuesday.  French will continue to be every Wednesday with Mrs. Grant.

  • PE kits are required on a Wednesday and a Friday.
  • Library books are due on a Tuesday.
  • Homework will be continue to be issued on a Monday and returned on a Friday. (certain activities may be given a longer timescale)
  • Mrs. Argent will continue to have the class on a Tuesday
  • Sports Day will be on May 15th

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  1. Dear P7R,
    An excellent overview of your learning programme for this term. I hope when you are involved in your debates you invite me to come along. I would welcome an invitation!
    Mrs Winton

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