Ice Bridges in Greenbrae P5G

At the end of last term P5G got the chance to become engineers for a day when we took part in an I.C.E. bridges workshop. We first learnt about different types of bridges and how they are held up. Our knowledge was then put to the test! We had to work as a team to create a bridge that was secure enough for each member of our class to walk across. We had lots of fun working together to create the bridge and proved to be very compedent engineeers as the bridge didn’t even break when Ms. Greene walked across it!


imageimage image image

One thought on “Ice Bridges in Greenbrae P5G”

  1. Dear P5G,
    You look like you had a great time at Greenbrae. I wonder if the bridge would have held my weight 🙂 You also look like you have a busy term coming up! You will all be exhausted by the 3rd July – Miss Greene too!
    Mrs Winton

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